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November 6, 2011 Speaker: John Bell Series: Ecclesiastes

Passage: Ecclesiastes 4–6

Points (Taken from Michael A. Eaton's commentary)

Section # 1 : Life’s hardships and life’s companions (4:1-5:7).
a) Oppression without comfort (1-3).
b) Lonesome rivalry and its alternatives (4-6).
c) A man without a family (7-8).
d) The blessings of companionship (9-12).
e) Isolation breeding folly (13-16).
f) The approach to God (5:1-7).

Section # 2 Poverty and wealth (5:8-6:12).
a) The poor under oppressive bureaucracy (8-9).
b) Money and its drawbacks (10-12).
c) Wealth – loved and lost (13-17).
d) Remedy recalled (18-20).
e) Wealth vs. insecurity (6:1-6).
f) Insatiable longing (7-9).
An impasse (10-12).

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