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Persevering Through Testing and Trial

March 4, 2012 Speaker: Series: James

Passage: James 1:12–18

(Because an audio recording is not available for this sermon, John's manuscript has been posted in full.  To get the Word document, click on the link to the right - labelled "Download the Notes".)

Point # 1 Christians can acknowledge God’s goodness in testing because they know they will be blessed with “Life” after passing the test (12).

a) Real Christians “stick”

Point # 2 Christians should not blame God for temptation because they and not God are the problem (13-15).

a) God is not the problem because he cannot be tempted to do evil and therefore cannot tempt others to do evil (13).
b) People are the problem because they succumb to temptation due to their own evil desires, which if unchecked lead to death (14-15).

Point # 3 Christians should instead acknowledge God as the source of everything good (16-18).

a) Christians must guard against deception in this matter (16).
b) All good gifts come from the unchanging God (17).
c) The best illustration of God’s good gifts is his regeneration of Christians, the “first fruits” of a new creation (18).

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