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Obedience to the Word (II): Discrimination

March 18, 2012 Speaker: Series: James

Passage: James 2:1–13

Point # 1 Discrimination in the Christian community is wrong (1-7).

a) Discrimination in the church means we have become judges with evil thoughts.
b) Discriminating against the poor is in contradiction to God’s own evaluation. God honours the poor and chooses them for salvation.
c) Favouritism toward the rich betrays a fawning, servile mentality – it is the rich who are persecuting the Christian community in James’ time.

Point # 2 Discrimination is wrong because it violates the kingdom law of love for neighbour (8-13).

a) Such people are in danger of being judged by God; they are “deceived” about the reality of their relationship with God.

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