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A Call to Humble Christian Repentance

June 3, 2012 Speaker: Series: James

Passage: James 4:1–4:10

Some terms used in this sermon:

a) "The world" is a very common biblical way of referring to the ungodly worldview and lifestyle that characterizes human life in its rebellious estrangement from its creator.
b) To be "friends with the world" means to adopt the world's standards and priorities, not God's.

Point # 1 Humbly repent, Christian! God’s people must not live or pray with anger and “desire” (1-3).

Point # 2 Humbly repent, Christian! God is our jealous husband who hates spiritual adultery in his bride, the church. Our marital unfaithfulness is evidenced by our “friendship with the world” (4-6).

Point # 3 Humbly repent, Christian! Submit to God in humble obedience, and he will draw near you (7-10).

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