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A Latter Day Perspective

June 17, 2012 Speaker: Series: James

Passage: James 5:1–5:11

A Latter Day Perspective on Wealth and Christian Endurance

Point # 1 (1-6) Christian, do not envy the fortunes of the rich. The rich will be judged by God for . . .

a) laying up earthly treasure in the last days (2-3)
b) defrauding workers (4)
c) their luxurious, self indulgent lifestyle (5)
d) oppressing the righteous (6)

Point # 2 (7-11) Christian, do not lose heart in these Latter Days: endure trials with patience and spiritual steadfastness in the knowledge that Jesus is returning soon.

a) Christians must remain patient and not grumble in these Latter Days because Judgment Day is near (7-9).
b) Christian patience must be persevering and prophetic (10-11a).
c) Christians must persevere in faith until they see God’s compassion and mercy in the consummated kingdom (11b).

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