There will be no worship service in Toronto on Sunday, August 7th.

Our congregation will be gathering for worship on our camping trip. 

Our regular services will resume on Sunday, August 14th @10:30am.

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Israel's Accountability

July 22, 2012 Speaker: Series: Romans

Passage: Romans 10:14– 11:10

Point # 1 (10: 14-21) Israel has had ample opportunity to...

a) believe the gospel that was preached to them;

b) to know about Gentile inclusion in the covenant community;

c) to know about Jewish exclusion from the covenant community.

Point # 2 (11:1-6) The continuing validity of God’s election of Israel is manifested in the fact that there IS a remnant, chosen by grace.

Point # 3 (vv. 7-10) The majority of Israel hardened.