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The Mystery of Israel's Salvation

August 5, 2012 Speaker: Series: Romans

Passage: Romans 11:23–11:36

Point #1: The restoration of Israel is an easier, more natural process then the call of the Gentiles (23-24).

Point # 2: The mystery of Israel’s salvation (25-26).

a) Do not think yourselves superior, Gentile Christian (25a).
b) Israel has been hardened only until the full number of Gentile Christians come into the kingdom of God (25b).
c) “in this way all Israel will be saved” (26a) .

Point # 3: Israel’s salvation is . . .

a) confirmed by scripture (26b-27).
b) rooted in God’s unswerving faithfulness to his promise and election (28-29).
c) manifests God’s impartiality to all people, as the capstone of the drama of salvation history (30-32).

Point # 4: Theology and Doxology: praise to God in light of his awesome plan (33-36).


See also "God's Salvation Timeline" from last week's outline.

3 options for vs. 26: "All Israel will be saved"
1) The elect Jews and Gentiles from both covenants (Gal. 6:16)
2) The nation of Israel
3) The elect within Israel