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Three Kingdom Parables

September 2, 2012 Speaker: Series: General

Passage: Matthew 13:24–43

Question: How can the Kingdom of Heaven be present in the world without wiping out all opposition?

Answer: The Wheat and the Weeds

1) In his inaugurated Kingdom, God permits the righteous and the wicked to coexist until the end of the age.
2) The wicked will eventually be separated out and judged – in hell.
3) The righteous will be gathered together, rewarded, and brought into God’s presence.


Question: What is the King of Heaven like?

Answer: The Mustard Seed and Leaven

1) God’s Kingdom begins humbly, but becomes glorious


New Testament Concept of “Kingdom”
a) Universal/Saving (in relation to people)
b) Already Here/Not Yet Come (in relation to time)

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