Every Sunday in July and August, we'll be meeting for corporate worship at 10:30am, using Christie St. Baptist Church's building at 177 Christie St.

Spots are limited. A public sign up link will be posted here every Friday.

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Keeping the Gospel Centre

October 21, 2012 Speaker: John Bell Series: 1 Timothy

Passage: 1 Timothy 1:3–1:11

Point # 1 Right doctrine produces right living. Therefore, the gospel must remain at the centre of everything (3-4).

Point # 2 Whereas false teaching results in meaningless speculation, proper apostolic teaching – founded on and flowing from the gospel - results in practical good behavior, rooted in love (5).

a) Those who profess faith but do not demonstrate any progress in godliness should question their spiritual state.

Point # 3 The doctrine that Paul approved for Christian use must produce whole Christians. It must be founded on and flow from the gospel, and it must bear the apostle’s seal (6-11).