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False Teaching and Godliness in Later Times

February 17, 2013 Speaker: John Bell Series: 1 Timothy

Passage: 1 Timothy 4:1–4:10

1. Concerning heresy and apostasy: both are here to stay (1-3a)

2. The Gospel antidote to the Ephesian heresy: God created all food to be received with thanksgiving, contrary to the teaching of false teachers. For believers, thankful recognition of the truth of the gospel give us full assurance that what we're eating is not unclean (3b-5).

3. The Spiritual priorities of the good minister of Jesus Christ and his church in confronting the false teachings of Satan (6-10):

• Training and nourishment from God's word (6)
• Training in godliness (7-9)
• Hope in the living God, our saviour (10)