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Delighting in Leviticus

June 16, 2013 Speaker: John Bell Series: Leviticus

Passage: Exodus 40:1–40:37

How to Read Your Bible For All It’s Worth: Delighting in Leviticus
(Exodus 40:1-37; Leviticus 1:1-2; Hebrews 9:11-14)

1) Understand that Jesus is the interpretive key to all of scripture.

2) Every biblical text either points forward to what God will accomplish through Jesus’ death and resurrection . . . or points back to what God has accomplished in Jesus’ death and resurrection.

3) Therefore, the reader must always ask of the biblical text: “In what period of salvation history does this passage occur?”

4) Focus on the major turning points in the Bible’s storyline - the salvation historical hinges (rest, temple, sacrifice, sonship, exodus, covenant, etc.).

5) All the little stories in the bible are part of the big story (the metanarrative) of salvation-history.

**Our salvation-historical worldview impacts our Christian morality

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