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Delighting in Leviticus: Instructions for the Priests

August 4, 2013 Speaker: Series: Leviticus

Passage: Leviticus 6:8– 7:38

Delighting in Leviticus: “Instructions for the Priests”

Leviticus 6:8-7:38

6:8-13 “The Perpetual Burnt Offering”

· The perpetual flames are the divinely appointed symbol and visible sign of the continual provision of access to God through sacrificial atonement.

· The priest’s special vestments taught Israel that no one was permitted to live in defilement of God’s holiness while helping others come near to God.

6:14-18 “The Grain Offering”

· The focus in this section is on the priests’ rights: defining what the priests may or may not take for themselves.

6:19-23 “The Priest’s Grain Offering”

· Ministers must assure worshipers that God accepts sincere dedication by how they themselves live dedicated lives.

6:24-30 “The Purification Offering”

· Q. How is God’s acceptance of the offering for the purification of sins communicated to the worshipper?

· A. Through demonstrating the sanctity of the blood and by the priest eating the offering.

· Pastors must assure people who seek purification and forgiveness on the basis of the holy blood of Jesus Christ that God has forgiven them.

7:1-10 “The Reparation (guilt) Offering”

· An offering showing remorse for sin, and of repentance

7:11-21 “The Fellowship-Peace Offering”

7:22-27 No Fat or Blood to be Eaten

· God’s people must acknowledge that the best they have belongs to him.

· The best there is—Jesus Christ and his perfect sinless blood that is his life—provides the offering that God demands.

7:28-36 The Priest’s portions of the Fellowship-Peace offering

· In our obligations to give our best to God, we must recognize that a portion of our giving belongs to those who minister the gospel to us.

7:37-38 Summary

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