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Unity in the Church (Part III): Christ’s Example

September 29, 2013 Speaker: Series: Unity in the Church

Passage: Romans 15:1– :13

Unity in the Church (Part III): Christ’s Example

Romans 15:1-13

The Apostle Paul’ Main Points:

# 1 (15:1–6) The “strong” Christians should willingly tolerate the tender consciences of the “weak” Christians, seeking thereby to foster unified praise of God in the church. Christians should exhibit such concern for others because of the example set for us by our Lord Jesus.

# 2 (15:7–13) Both “strong” and “weak” Christians should accept each other as full and respected members of the Christian community, for God himself has shown, in fulfillment of Scripture, that he accepts both Jews and Gentiles as his people

Twelve principles on how to disagree with other Christians in disputable matters*
1. Accept those Christians whose faith is weak and disagree with you on disputable matters (14: 1-2).
2. Those who have freedom must not look down on those who are strict (3-4).
3. Those who are strict must not be judgmental towards those who have freedom (3-4).
4. Each believer must be fully convinced of their position in their own conscience (5).
5. Everything you do, or refrain from doing, must be for God’s glory (6-9).
6. Do not judge each other in these matters because we will all someday stand before the judgment seat of God (10-12).
7. Your freedom to eat meat is correct, but don’t let your freedom destroy the faith of a weak brother or sister (13-15).
8. Disagreements about eating and drinking are not important in the kingdom of God; building each other up in righteousness, peace, and joy is the important thing (16-21).
9. If you have freedom, don’t flaunt it; if you are strict, don’t expect others to be strict like you (22a).
10. A person who lives according to their conscience is blessed (22b-23).
11. We must follow the example of Christ, who put others first (15:1-6).
12. We bring glory to God when we welcome one another as Christ has welcomed us (7).

· These 12 principles are from a forthcoming commentary on Romans that missionary J.D. Crowley wrote for people in Cambodia

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