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Unity in Diversity

October 13, 2013 Speaker: John Bell Series: Unity in the Church

Passage: Romans 16:1–:27

“Unity in Diversity”

Romans 16:1-27

1) Paul’s commendation of Phoebe the Deacon (vv. 1–2).

2) Greetings to Rome (3-16); greetings from Corinth (21-23).

a) Diversity in the church

b) Unity in the church

3) Warning against false teachers (17-20).

a) Paul pleads for vigilance (17)

b) Paul calls for separation from those who deliberately cause divisions and put obstacles in their way contrary to the teaching they have learned (17)

c) Paul urges the Romans to grow in discernment (18-19)

d) Paul adds an assurance to his warning: the God of peace will soon crush Satan under your feet. (20)

4) Doxology: God’s wisdom displayed in the gospel (25-27).