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The Word of Christmas

December 22, 2013 Speaker: Series: Christmas

Passage: John 1:1– :18

Point # 1 The Word: God’s self-expression (1:1)

· “In the beginning was the WORD” – God’s own self-expression – “and the Word was WITH God” - the Word is God’s own fellow – “and the Word WAS God” – the Word is God’s own self.”

· “God's “word” in the Old Testament is his powerful self-disclosure in creation, revelation and deliverance, and the personification of that term makes it appropriate for John to apply it to Jesus, God’s ultimate self-disclosure.” (Carson)

Point # 2 What John says about the Word (2-13)

· the Word creates us (3).

· the Word gives us light and life (4-8).

· the Word confronts and divides us (9-13)

Point # 3 The Word becomes flesh (14-18)

What is the significance of the truth that the Eternal Word became a human being?

1. taberbacle and temple

2. glory

3. grace and truth (love and faithfulness)

4. grace and law

5. seeing God *

*This outline is a modification of one by D.A. Carson

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