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The Parable of the Rich Fool

March 30, 2014 Speaker: John Bell Series: The Christian and Money

Passage: Luke 12:13–12:21

Point # 1 Purely selfish accumulation of possessions is incompatible with true Christian discipleship.

Point # 2 This incompatibility stems from the transience of earthly riches and the coming reckoning that all will face before God.


How can we guard against the hazard of money . . . and maximize its helpfulness?

  1. We must study to see and savour the supreme value of Jesus above all earthly things.
  2. We must pray that this would free us from the love of money.
  3. We must trust in God’s promises that he will meet our every need.
  4. We must put protections in place against a “bigger barns” mentality, and turn the prosperity of our fields into blessings for others.

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