There will be no worship service in Toronto on Sunday, August 7th.

Our congregation will be gathering for worship on our camping trip. 

Our regular services will resume on Sunday, August 14th @10:30am.

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The Supremacy of Christ: From Creation to New Creation

August 24, 2014 Speaker: Mat Brideau Series: Guest Preacher

Passage: Colossians 1:15– :23


Colossians 1:15-23

The Big Idea: Jesus Christ is the one whom all things were created through, and for. It is

through the death of Jesus on the cross that God will present believers as acceptable to

himself if they continue to stand firm in the gospel they have received.

Point #1 Christ and the first creation. (Vs 15-16)

Point #2 In Christ all things are held together. (Vs 17)

Point #3 Christ and the new creation. (Vs 18-19)

Point # 4 Believers are reconciled to God through the death of Christ. (Vs 20-22)

Point # 5 Believers are to stand firm in the gospel of Christ. (Vs 23)

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