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Lessons From Jesus the Evangelist

February 8, 2015 Speaker: John Bell Series: General

Passage: John 4:1–4:42

Lessons From Jesus the Evangelist
John 4:1-42

The main themes of John 4 are

1. God’s covenant mercies extend beyond the nation of Israel.

2. The necessity of the New Birth, through the Holy Spirit, mediated through Jesus.

Five Lessons We Can Learn From Jesus the Evangelist

# 1: Jesus evangelized the marginalized of society (1-9).

#2: Jesus pressed the point that salvation turns on the Holy Spirit, mediated exclusively through him (10-14).

#3: Jesus exposed sin, thus showing the necessity of the new birth (15-18).

#4: Jesus pushed the exclusivist claim that the only worship God finds acceptable is “in spirit and truth” (19-24).

#5: Jesus had a “ripe harvest” evangelistic outlook – an outlook that balances God’s sovereignty and human responsibility (25-42).