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Christian Basics: Work Out Your Salvation

July 12, 2015 Speaker: Series: Philippians

Passage: Philippians 2:12–18

Christian Basics: “Work Out Your Salvation”

Philippians 2:12-18

The Big Picture: We are called not only to early steps of faith and obedience but to an entire life of working out our salvation.

There are at least two logical links between the hymn (2:6-11) and our text today.

1. First, every knee shall bow before Jesus Christ (2:10): therefore . . . this must have an impact on our obedience. On the last day we shall all give an account before King Jesus, the righteous judge of the universe.

2. Second, and more importantly: Christ Jesus, though he suffered terribly, was finally vindicated by God after obeying and enduring to the end. So shall we be.

Point #1 Christian, work out your salvation (that is, lead an obedient life) because God is at work in you (12-13)

Point #2 Christian, do everything without grumbling and arguing as you work out your salvation with self-denying contentment (14-16a)

· As Christians who “hold firmly to the word of life” there must be no trace of self-pity, but a life characterized by sincere gratitude and godly praise

Point #3 Christian, work out your salvation in a conscious effort to please Christian leaders eager to see your maturing faith, and in cheerful sacrifice, so as to ratify and endorse the work they have poured into your life (16b-18)

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