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Christian Gratitude and Courtesy

September 27, 2015 Speaker: Series: Philippians

Passage: Philippians 4:14–23

Christian Basics: Never Give Up the Race of Faith (part IV)

“Christian Gratitude and Courtesy” (Philippians 4:14-23)

Big Picture: Philippians chapter four contains seven attitudinal commands aimed at fostering whole-life, long-lasting commitment to the one true God.

# 1 Resolve, Christian, to pursue like-mindedness with other true believers (2–3).

# 2 Resolve, Christian, always to rejoice in the Lord (4).

# 3 Resolve, Christian, to be known for a gentle, forbearing spirit. Learn to accept less than you might think you are due. Jesus is the ever-present Lord whose personal return may occur at any time (5).

# 4 Resolve, Christian, not to be anxious about anything, but learn instead to pray. The way to be anxious about nothing is to be prayerful about everything. Either worrying drives out prayer, or prayer drives out worrying (6–7).

# 5 Resolve, Christian, to think holy thoughts (8–9).

# 6 Resolve, Christian, to learn the secret of contentment (10–13)

# 7 Resolve, Christian, to grow in the grace of Christian gratitude and courtesy (14–23)*

* This outline is a modified version taken from “Basics for Believers: an Exposition of Philippians” by D.A. Carson

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