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Justification and the Righteousness of God

May 15, 2016 Speaker: Series: Romans

Passage: Romans 3:21–26

“Justification and the Righteousness of God”
Romans 3:21–26
Point # 1 The righteousness of God has been revealed, and it relates to the OT (21).

Point # 2 The righteousness of God is universally available, without ethnic distinction, through the means of faith (22–23).

Point # 3 The righteousness of God is free and expensive, through the redemption that came by Christ Jesus (24).

Point # 4 The righteous God presented Jesus as a “sacrifice of atonement” – a sacrifice which is both expiatory and propitiatory - to be received by faith (25-26)

· The atonement not only provides for the justification of sinners but also demonstrates the “just-ness” of God throughout the process!

Therefore, Christian . . .

· Praise God that his righteousness has now been revealed apart from the law-covenant!

· Praise God that his righteousness is universally available without ethnic distinction!

· Praise God that his righteousness is an expensive gift from God to us!

· Praise God that he presented Jesus as a sacrifice of atonement and that he is righteous even in declaring that sinful believers are righteous!

* This sermon owes much to D.J. Moo’s commentary, Romans (2000).