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Justification By Faith Alone (Part II)

June 5, 2016 Speaker: Series: Romans

Passage: Romans 4:9–4:25

“Justification By Faith Alone” (part II)
Romans 4:9-25

Point # 1: Faith and circumcision (9-12)
· God credits righteousness to Abraham (he justifies Abraham) without circumcision.
· It is through faith, and not through incorporation into the nation of Israel, that one becomes Abraham’s spiritual “child.”
Point # 2: Faith, promise, and the law (13-22)
· Faith, not law, secures God’s promise that Abraham and his offspring (“seed”) would inherit the New Heaven and the New Earth (13–15)

· Because faith secures the promise, both Jew and Gentile can benefit from it (16–17)

· The faith with which Abraham responded to God’s promise was firm and unwavering (18–22)

Point # 3: The faith of Abraham and the faith of the Christian (4:23-25)*

* This sermon owes much to D.J. Moo’s commentary “Romans”