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The Wife of Noble Character

January 15, 2017 Speaker: John Bell Series: Biblical Manhood and Womanhood

Passage: Proverbs 31:10–31:31

“The Wife of Noble Character”

Proverbs 31:10-31

Women in Marriage (part III)

Point #1: A reflection on her value (10-12)

· Her general worth inferred from her scarcity (10)

· Her worth to her husband: he has full confidence in her, and she constantly seeks his good (11-12)

Point #2: A description of her activities (13-27)

· She is industrious. She contributes to the family income and has more than enough left over to help the poor and needy.

Point #3: Her praise: she fears the Lord, which is the beginning of wisdom and knowledge (28-31)

A Word To Husbands

· Treasure your wife!

· Create a culture in which your wife can flourish!

· Encourage your wife!


Q: How was “wisdom” understood in Jewish literature?

A: Wisdom’s voice in Israel is a form of God’s self-revelation; it invites the hearer to choose between two paths; it leads to a virtuous life; it addresses the skills needed for everyday living. It also struggles with the deepest problems of life, including suffering and evil. Israel’s wisdom is unique from that of the surrounding nations because it is set within the framework of God’s covenantal law (Daniel J. Ebert IV)

Fear of the Lord: the core/beginning of all wisdom is the fear of the Lord. The Hebrew term for “fear” has a range of meaning. It includes both (1) overwhelming awe that prompts humans to tremble before God in dread and (2) reverence that turns them toward God in joyful obedience (Daniel J Estes)

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