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The Humbled King

July 9, 2017 Speaker: Series: Daniel

Passage: Daniel 4

“The Humbled King”

Daniel 4

Main Point:  God is sovereign, so the people of God can trust him and persevere through persecution until God humbles proud human kings, gives everlasting dominion to the Son of Man, and the saints reign with him.

 Points of Application

  1. God is sovereign, and so he raises and abases whom he wills. None can withstand him.
  2. God is sovereign, and so we must be humble, not prideful. Every virtue or strength we possess we derive from him – so give him glory!
  3. God is sovereign, and so those who walk in pride he is able to humble. This can be judgment, or a loving action on his part.


Jonathan Edwards: Secret Symptoms of Pride

1. Fault-Finding

2. A Harsh Spirit

3. Superficiality

4. Desperation for Attention

5. Neglecting Others