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A Heavenly Messenger and His Revelation

September 10, 2017 Speaker: Series: Daniel

Passage: Daniel 10–12

The Message of Daniel in One Sentence: Daniel encourages the faithful by showing them that though Israel was exiled from the land of promise, they will be restored to the realm of life at the resurrection of the dead, when the four kingdoms are followed by the kingdom of God, so the people of God can trust him and persevere through persecution until God humbles proud human kings, gives everlasting dominion to the son of man, and the saints reign with him.



  1. Introduction to the vision (10:1–11:1)
  2. The vision (11:2–12:4)
  3. God’s instructions to Daniel (12:5–13)


THE BIG PICTURE: Daniel’s last recorded vision extends from chapter 10 until the end of the book and is a literary unit. In this vision an angel appears to the prophet and reveals to him the history of Israel from the Persian period (the time when the vision was given), until the coming of the kingdom of God. These chapters cover the same matters dealt with earlier in the book, but much greater detail is provided concerning the Greek Empire and Antiochus IV Epiphanies, who is a type of the antichrist.