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Sinned Much, Forgiven Much . . . Loves Much

February 18, 2018 Speaker: John Bell Series: Luke

Passage: Luke 7:36–7:50

Key Thought: God is ready and willing to forgive the sinful debts of people – an infinite debt sinners could never pay for themselves - and to act graciously beyond expectation! 

The Parable of the Two Debtors 

Point # 1 Like the man owing fifty denarii, those who take their spiritual condition for granted, and are not aware of having been forgiven of numerous gross sins, should not despise those who have been redeemed from a more wretched state. 

Point # 2 Like the debtor owing five hundred denarri, those who recognize they have much for which to be thankful will naturally respond in generous expressions of love for Jesus. 

Point # 3 Like the moneylender, God forgives both categories of sinners and allows them to begin again with a clean slate. 

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