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Sunday School: Obadiah

March 11, 2018 Speaker: Alex Bloomfield Series: Sunday School: The Minor, Minor Prophets

Passage: Obadiah 1:1–1:21

Big Picture: Edom’s pride and looming downfall is a picture of the human condition and stands as an acted out parable for the fate of all nations that rebel against the LORD… while pointing forward to a time when all nations will be under God’s King, who reigns from Mount Zion.


Verses 1-14: The Lord’s message against Edom… and Edom’s sin explained

Verse 15: A transition: The day of the LORD is near for ALL nations (not just Edom)

Verse 16-21: A reversal: the LORD will restore both his people and the remnant of the humbled nations under a King who will reign over all the Earth from Zion.

Key Themes

1)  The sovereignty and absolute power of God.

2)  God’s justice is fair.

3)  The folly of pride.

4) The inclusion of the Gentiles.

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