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Spiritual Self Deception

March 18, 2018 Speaker: John Bell Series: Luke

Passage: Luke 6:37–6:49

Point 1:  Don’t be deceived, Christian: you will be judged by how you judge. So do not be judgmental, but forgive (37-40)


Point 2: Don’t be deceived, Christian: be careful whom you follow and where you look. Don’t be quick to “see the sin” in others and “set them straight”, until you are willing to deal with your own sin (41-42)


Point 3: Don’t be deceived, Christian: each tree is recognized by its fruit. Your heart is evident by your fruit, so follow Jesus’ teaching (43-45)


Point 4:  Don’t be deceived, Christian: you must put Jesus’ word into practice. There is only one example to follow and that is Jesus’ teaching (46-49)

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