Every Sunday in July and August, we'll be meeting for corporate worship at 10:30am, using Christie St. Baptist Church's building at 177 Christie St.

Spots are limited. A public sign up link will be posted here every Friday.

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Sunday School: Nahum

April 8, 2018 Speaker: Alex Bloomfield Series: Sunday School: The Minor, Minor Prophets

Passage: Nahum 1:1–3:19

Big Picture: Nahum encourages the faithful by comforting them with a promise from the sovereign, all-powerful God that He would make an end of their cruel Assyrian oppressor and its wicked capital, Ninevah.


Chapter 1: 2-15: The Lord’s anger against Ninevah and jealousy for his people Judah.

Chapter 2: A poetic depiction of the fall of the city

Chapter 3: A second poetic depiction of the fall of the entire empire.

Key Takeways

1)  It is good that we serve an avenging and jealous God

2)  The Sovereign God alone delivers his people.

3) A day is coming when all wicked people and nations will be defenceless before the all-powerful God. 

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