Join us this Sunday at 11am for a joint service at Christie St. Baptist Church (177 Christie St.). We will not be meeting in our usual building this Sunday.

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Resolved: To Live As Those Made Alive in Christ

January 6, 2019 Speaker: John Bell Series: General

Passage: Colossians 3:1–3:17

  1. Resolved: Heavenly Thinking (1-4)
  • Having been raised with Christ, seek things above (3:1)
  • Having died with Christ, do not focus on the things below. Be a bad tourist (3:2–3a)
  • Having been “hidden” with Christ, you will be revealed in glory (3:3b–4)
  1. Resolved: Put off the practices of the “old self” (5-8)
  • Sins of sexual immorality (3:5)
  • Warning to those who live in their past (3:6–7)
  • Sins of speech (3:8)
  1. Resolved: Put on the practices of the “new self” in the church (9-17)
  • After putting off earthly practices, believers in the church must put on a new set of behaviors that reflects the reality of the new humanity.



  • Know the truth
  • Come to grips with the truth
  • Act on the truth