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Worship (Part 1): All of Life Worship

January 13, 2019 Speaker: John Bell Series: The Purpose of the Church

Passage: Romans 12:1–12:2

Big Picture: The corporate worship of God occurs in the context of the assembled congregation, while individual worship of God occurs in the context of one's daily life (all-of-life worship). Shaping and encouraging both corporate and individual worship are significant aspects of the church's purpose.


Key Thought for Romans 12:1-2: The way we live, in response to the mercy of God lavished upon us in the gospel, lies at the heart of Christian worship.

  1. Christian, in view of God’s mercy lavished upon you in the gospel, give your whole self to God – offer your body as a living sacrifice - for this is your true and proper worship (verse 1).
  1. Christian, to offer up your body as a living sacrifice to God means (verse 2)
  • Conforming no longer to the pattern of this world
  • Being transformed by the renewing of your mind through the teachings of scripture and the Holy Spirit.