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Women's Class: Christian Worldview and the False Dichotomy Between Sacred and Secular (Pt.2)

March 31, 2019 Speaker: Danielle Lochan Series: Women's Class: Christian Worldview and the False Dichotomy between Sacred and Secular

Having a Christian worldview means being utterly convinced that biblical principles are not only true but also work better in the grit and grime of the real world.

- Nancy Pearcey

Learning goals: (a) to understand the danger of the sacred/secular split mentality, (b) to understand how the claim of secularism as neutral is inconsistent and false (Descartes vs. Augustine), (c) to learn and apply tools with which we can fight the sacred/secular divide

Lecture Outline:
I. Divided Minds: Sacred/Secular, Private/Public

II. Secularism as “Neutral”
a. Rene Descartes
b. Augustine
c. The Ultimate Starting Point (Feeder Belief)

III. Tools to Fight the Sacred/Secular Divide
a. By being utterly convinced that there is a biblical perspective on everything – not
just on spiritual matters.
b. By understanding that nothing falls outside the scope of the central turning points
in biblical history: Creation, Fall, and Redemption.
c. By living out the Christian worldview, meaning: offering up to God all of ourselves
(practical, intellectual, emotional, artistic) in every area of life.
d. By driving out a bad worldview by offering a good one. Christians need to move
beyond simply criticizing culture to creating culture.