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Divine Providence Working Through Ordinary Events (Pt.3)

April 14, 2019 Speaker: John Bell Series: Esther

Passage: Esther 6:1–10:3

Big Picture: The book of Esther presents an episode in the history of God’s Old Covenant people that threatened their annihilation by the pagan powers of ancient Persia, and God’s deliverance. Here we see that God fulfills his redemptive promises not only through great miracles (such as the exodus from Egypt), but also through divine
providence working through ordinary events. Even the actions of people who do not
worship him are woven into patterns and purposes determined by the sovereign Lord

1. Mordecai is honoured (6:1–14)
2. Haman is impaled (7:1-10)
3. The King’s edict (8:1-14)
4. Holy/Divine War (9:1-19)
5. Purim is established (9:20-32)
6. The greatness of Mordecai (10:1-3)

Preachers note: This series is greatly indebted to Karen H. Jobes’ Esther commentary; Five Festal Garments, by Barry G. Webb; and From Typology to Doxology, by Andrew D. Naselli.