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Women's Class: Christian Worldview and the False Dichotomy Between Sacred and Secular (Pt.6)

April 28, 2019 Speaker: Danielle Lochan Series: Women's Class: Christian Worldview and the False Dichotomy between Sacred and Secular

2Learning goals: (a) learn tools to construct a Christian worldview on any field (b) analyze and critique some false worldviews that are pervasive today

Constructing a Christian Worldview

  1. CREATION: How was this aspect of the world originally created? What was its original nature and purpose?
  2. FALL: How has it been twisted and distorted by the Fall? How has it been corrupted by sin and false worldviews? Cut off from God, creation tends to be either divinized (made into an idol) or demonized (made into an evil).
  3. REDEMPTION: How can we bring this aspect of the world under the Lordship of Christ, restoring it to its original, created purpose?

Looking at False Worldviews

1) Marxism

2) Rousseau’s Philosophy (Radical Individualism)

3) Margaret Sanger’s Philosophy (Sexual Liberation)

4) Pantheism (Buddhism, Hinduism, New Age Movement)