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Everyone Who's Heart God Moved

August 4, 2019 Speaker: Alex Bloomfield Series: Ezra: Hope for the Faithful Remnant

Passage: Ezra 1:1–2:70

Ezra Big Picture: Ezra provides hope for the returned exiles-- and likewise Yahweh’s new covenant people-- by showing how the promises made by the Sovereign God of Heaven are unbreakable. His people are never at risk of losing their covenant blessings as a result of external hardships (chapters 1-6), but rather the present and future fortunes of the faithful remnant hinges upon internal holiness, both individual and corporate, characterized by faithfulness to God’s word. (chapters 7-10).



The Proclamation of Cyrus (1: 1-5)

1) God is faithful to his Word.

2) God is unquestionably sovereign.

3) A biblical theology of “the remnant”.

Material Blessings (1:6-11)

Who’s Who (2:1-2:70)

1) This genealogical record reveals the priorities of the returnees.

  1. a) The importance of faithful leadership.
  2. b) The centrality of the temple, and restoring proper worship of Yahweh.

2) The theme of holiness first appears in the exclusion of the priests with no provable lineage (58-63)

3) The ordinary nature of the exiles should encourage the ordinary Christian.

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