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God's Work Cannot Be Stopped

August 11, 2019 Speaker: Alex Bloomfield Series: Ezra: Hope for the Faithful Remnant

Passage: Ezra 3:1–6:22

Big Picture: The Book of Ezra provides hope for the returned exiles-- and likewise Yahweh’s new covenant people-- by showing how the promises made by the Sovereign God of Heaven are unbreakable. His people are never at risk of losing their covenant blessings as a result of external hardships (chapters 1-6) . . .  but rather the present and future fortunes of the faithful remnant hinges upon internal holiness, both individual and corporate, characterized by faithfulness to God’s word. (as seen in chapters 7-10)

Timeline of the Persian Kings & The Book of Ezra


Chapter 3: God’s work begins (& God’s Word is obeyed)

Chapter 4: God’s work is opposed (& God’s Word is forgotten)

Chapter 5: God’s work continues anyway (& God’s Word sparks repentance and action)

Chapter 6: God’s work is completed (& God’s Word is fulfilled)

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