Our Sunday services are now taking place at Mount Pleasant Road Baptist Church as our two congregations consider a merger.

Please join us at 10:30am each Sunday morning at 527 Mt. Pleasant Rd.

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The Church: United in Gospel-Revealing, Supernatural Community

September 15, 2019 Speaker: Series: Ephesians

Passage: Ephesians 4:1–16


1) New City, keep the unity of the Spirit through the bond of peace (1-3)

Our unity’s theological basis: One body, One Spirit, One hope, One faith, One baptism, One God and Father of all. (4-6)


2) Despite our unity, New City, there is also great diversity (7-10)


3) The purpose of this distribution of God’s gracious gifts is twofold (11-16)

a) To prepare God’s people for works of ministry

b) To build up the entire body of Christ, aiming for the unity that maturity brings.


“Four Convictions of a Healthy Member of New City”

God wants all of the members of New City to display spiritual health in our relationships with each other. Here are four deeply understood and cherished convictions of a healthy church member.

  1. We are Needy: Healthy church members believe that everyone at New City, including themselves, is needy.
  1. Godliness is a Community Project: Healthy members at New City believe that every Christian needs other Christians in their life in order to grow in grace.
  1. Jesus is the Lord of our Relationships
  • Jesus has a higher goal for our relationships than our personal happiness.
  • Jesus wants our relationships to be the context for the change he works in and through us.
  • We need to build relationships that encourage this work of change.
  • Healthy church members surrender their relationships to Jesus and begin to see every friendship as a way to serve another person.
  1. Christians Can Speak the Truth in Love to One Another: Healthy church members live outwardly, seeking to guide relationships into the honest truth.


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