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Wise Living, Spirit Filled

October 6, 2019 Speaker: John Bell Series: Ephesians

Passage: Ephesians 5:15–5:20

Big Picture: Becoming a Christian entails the reception of an entirely new identity that Paul identifies as “light.” We now live (or “walk”) in accordance with our new identity, which will involve two important activities: 1) We must entirely dissociate ourselves from lifestyles associated with “darkness” - that is, evil, sinful behaviors. 2) As members of a new community, we need to expose the deeds of our sinning brothers and sisters as part of a process of restoration that will result in their growth to maturity in Christ.

Point 1:  Christian, know what is not appropriate and what is appropriate for the “people of the light” lifestyle (3-5)

Point 2: Christian, watch out for arguments that justify sinful behaviour (6)

Point 3:  Christian, know what it means to live as “people of the light” (7-11a)

Point 4: Christian, expose the sins of fellow believers (11b-14)


“Do More Better”

By: Tim Challies

Define Your Responsibilities

  • Personal
  • Family
  • (Family Management = household management tasks)
  • Church
  • Social
  • Work

Area of Responsibility:  Personal

  • Spiritual fitness. Spiritual fitness includes Scripture reading, prayer, church attendance, and reading good books.
  • Physical fitness. I need to care for my body, so this area includes diet, exercise, and other elements.
  • Administration. This area accounts for regular planning, reviewing, and other administrative tasks.

Area of Responsibility: Family

  • Spiritual care and leadership. As a husband and father I am responsible to lead my wife and children and to care for their souls.
  • Home. Though I am not at all handy, I still bear ultimate responsibility for ensuring that the home remains in good repair.
  • Financial care. In the division of labour between my wife and myself, I have taken on the financial care which involves our budget and the kids’ allowances.
  • Family growth. I plan our vacations and ensure we have regular family nights.

Area of Responsibility: Church

  • Elders’ meetings. This area includes responsibilities such as preparing and leading our meetings and ensuring that action items are completed.
  • Discipleship. There are certain people in the church I meet with on a regular basis for discipleship purposes.
  • Members’ meetings. I typically organize and lead the church’s regular members’ meetings which involves preparing agendas, a short devotional, and serving as the meeting chair.
  • Pregnancy Care Center. I am on the board of directors for a local pregnancy care center that is associated with our church, and this involves board meetings, committee responsibilities, and spiritual support.

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