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James 4: Arrogant Boasting

March 29, 2020 Speaker: Series: Word in Pandemic

Passage: James 4:13–17

Big Picture: Any planning in life which ignores God’s sovereign providence is arrogant presumption (13-17).


1. We should not presume to know the future, but should always leave room for God’s will to overrule our own (13-15).

  • The wrong attitude is to pronounce confidently on all upcoming events. We don’t even know when we’ll die (13-14)!
  • The right attitude is to plan, but to make allowance for God’s will to change those plans (15).

 2. Such presumption about the future is in fact boasting in one’s own arrogance (16-17).

  • For Christians, such boating is evil (16).
  • This is because Christians know better (17).

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