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False Teachers and Their Destruction (Pt. 1)

May 3, 2020 Speaker: Series: 2 Peter

Passage: 2 Peter 2:1–10

  1. Introduction to the false teachers (1-3)
  • They will introduce (from the outside) destructive teachings to the church
  • They will deny the sovereign Lord who bought them
  • Their destruction will come quickly
  • Many will follow their depraved conduct
  • They will bring dishonor to the way of truth
  • They will exploit the church out of greed

“Seven Types of False Teachers in the Church Today” (Conrad Mbewe)

  1. The Heretic
  2. The Charlatan
  3. The Prophet
  4. The Abuser
  5. The Divider
  6. The Tickler
  7. The Speculator


  1. God’s judgment (4–8)
  • Example 1: God judged sinful angels.
  • Example 2: God judged the ancient world with a flood and rescued Noah and his family.
  • Example 3: God judged Sodom and Gomorrah with fire and rescued Lot.


  1. Application: God will rescue the godly and judge the ungodly (9–10)


*Sermon note: I received invaluable assistance from Doug Moo’s “NIV Application Commentary: 2 Peter and Jude”

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