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COVID-19 and the Church

June 7, 2020 Speaker: John Bell Series: Conscience & The Overlapping Authority of the Church and the State

Passage: Genesis 9:1–9:11, Matthew 18:15–18:20

  • What’s the relationship of church and state?
  • When should churches reject governmental guidelines on gathering and engage in civil disobedience?
  • How should Christians treat one another when there is basic disagreement about the facts of Covid-19 as it relates to church life, and the wisdom of this or that approach as we think about opening up again?
  • What can we expect at New City in the days ahead. How will we proceed?

DEFINITION: God has given the power of the sword to governments and the power of the keys to churches, and he intends for them to work separately but cooperatively toward the greater end of worship.

SUMMARY:  Governments should employ the sword in order to protect life, enable the cultural mandate  (Genesis 1:26-28; 9:1) and provide a platform for the work of the church. They are guardians of this present age. Churches should exercise the keys of the kingdom in order to testify to King Jesus, his message, and his people. They are witnesses of the age to come.

  • The government’s authority comes from God.
  • God does not authorize governments to do whatever they wish.
  • God authorizes governments to protect the life of God-imagers.

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