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The Good News of God's Judgement

August 16, 2020 Speaker: Alex Bloomfield Series: Nahum: The God Who Takes Vengeance

Passage: Nahum 1:9– 2:2

Big Picture: In a series of six alternating oracles proclaiming the fall of Ninevah and the restoration of Judah, Nahum shows how God’s judgement and salvation are inextricably tied.

Each judgement-salvation pairing reveals a slightly different aspect of God’s glory in salvation through judgement…

Pairing One (1:9-13): God consumes the wicked … and frees his people

Pairing Two (1:14-15): God humbles the proud to the grave… and calls his people to respond in worship.

Pairing Three: (2:1-2) God scatters his enemies… but gathers and glorifies his people.


God alone acts....we behold!

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