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When Yahweh is Against You

August 23, 2020 Speaker: Alex Bloomfield Series: Nahum: The God Who Takes Vengeance

Passage: Nahum 2:3–3:19

Big Picture of the book of Nahum: “Nahum’s dark oracle against Ninevah provides comfort to the faithful by reminding us that we serve a God who will not leave the guilty unpunished. Justice will be done in full, and it will be seen by all. God finally and resoundingly triumphs over evil, even cruel world powers like Assyria.”

The flow of Nahum’s oracle

1:1-8: The Judge appears. (Yahweh: the jealous, wrathful, avenger)

1:9-2:2: The verdict is pronounced. (salvation for Judah, judgement for Ninevah)

2:3-3:19: The Judge executes his verdict.


Chapter 2: Divine Justice in Action (2:3-13)

1) Nahum’s vivid description of the actual fall of Ninevah. (3-10)

2) God’s long-awaited answer to Assyria’s arrogant messengers. (11-13)

Chapter 3: The Wages of Ninevah’s Sin

1) Shame (1-7)

2) Deception (8-17)

3) Death (18-19)


*This sermon series owes much to commentaries by Tremper Longman III and Owen Robertson.


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