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God Creates the Universe and Rests

August 30, 2020 Speaker: John Bell Series: Genesis

Passage: Genesis 1:1–2:3


Creation Week

(numbers represent the day of the week)





1. Creation of Light.

4. Creation of sky lights (sun, moon, stars).

Abyss of Water

2. Sky Vault, separation of waters.

5. Sea and sky creatures.

Initial World is Formless and Empty

3. Dry land and plants: world takes form.

6. Animals and human beings: world is filled.

7. Rest and Enjoyment


  • 1:1–2:3 describes God as the creator of the cosmos. Its themes focus on God’s sovereignty as Lord over all: the importance of Sabbath rest, humanity’s rulership over creation, and the creation of abundant life.


  • 2:4–25 emphasizes different themes: the creation of man, his home, his partner/helper, and his work. At the beginning of all, God is both the transcendent Creator who is sovereign overall and the imminent Lord providing a world in full harmony with himself and the people he has created.


Some Biblical “Non-Negotiables” About God

  • God simply is.
  • God made everything that is non-God.
  • God is a talking God who interacts with his creation
  • Everything God makes is good—very good.


“Rest” Big Picture:  If we enter into “God’s rest ”(Ps. 95; Hebrews 4) it will be by following the ultimate primordial paradigm of God himself, established in Genesis 2:2-3: we cease from our works. Human beings are justified – that is, we are declared to be in right standing before God’s judgment bar with all our sin forgiven – by faith alone, in Jesus alone, without any mixture of our own works.



*This sermon owes much to D.A. Carson’s “The God Who Is There” and “Creation” by Andrew M Davis.