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The Seed of the Woman and the Downward Spiral into Sin

October 4, 2020 Speaker: John Bell Series: Genesis

Passage: Genesis 4:1–4:26

Genesis Four Big Picture: Although they have been expelled from the Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve are enabled by God to have two sons. With them rests the hope of an offspring who will overcome the serpent. When Cain callously murders his righteous brother Abel, however, evil seems to triumph. Any hope that Cain’s descendants will reverse this trend appears remote when Lamech boasts of killing a man simply for striking him. Against this background the brief announcement of Seth’s birth to replace Abel offers fresh hope. Sin begets ever increasing corruption and ever increasing judgment - but God is at work, saving his people.

Salvation Historical Big Picture: God is faithful in continuing the line of the seed of the woman till Christ gains the final victory over Satan.