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The Parable of the Shrewd Steward

November 8, 2020 Speaker: John Bell Series: General

Passage: Luke 16:1–16:13

BIG PICTURE: The children of this world/age act boldly and decisively as they try to ensure their earthly future. Christians should act boldly and decisively, too —but rather, to ensure our eternal future. As the manager recognizes his crisis and moves shrewdly to hedge his security in this world, so Christians must shrewdly use our worldly possessions to ensure our security in the next world - possessions which have not been given to us by God, but rather entrusted to us by our Master. We must use these resources to do as much good as we can for the glory of God and the eternal good of others. This earthly life is a God-given stewardship for which each person is responsible.


  1. All of God’s people will be called to give a reckoning of the nature of their service to him.
  2. Preparation for that reckoning must involve a prudent use of all our resources, especially in the area of finances.
  3. Such prudence, demonstrating a life of true discipleship, will be rewarded with eternal life and joy.
  • Ownership: all of our money belongs to God.
  • Stewardship: we are to be faithful managers of God’s money.


Transfer of Title

Date: _________________

I hereby acknowledge God’s ownership of me and all “my” money and possessions, and everything else I’ve ever imagined belonged to me—including my family and loved ones. Instead of seeing myself as the ultimate recipient, I will see myself as God’s delivery boy or girl, enjoying what he intends me to keep and distributing what he intends to go elsewhere. From this point forward I will think of these assets as his to do with as he wishes. I will do my utmost to ask him and to prayerfully consider how he wishes me to invest his assets to further his kingdom. In doing so I realize I will surrender certain temporary earthly treasures but gain in exchange eternal treasures, as well as increased perspective and decreased anxiety.

Signed: _________________

Witness: _________________



*This sermon owes a big debt to Randy Alcorn’s “Money, Possessions, and Eternity”