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The Seed of the Woman Crushes the Serpent

December 20, 2020 Speaker: Series: Word in Pandemic

Passage: Revelation 12:1–12:17

Big Picture: Satan is at enmity with the woman and her seed. He wants to accuse us before God, but Jesus has defanged the dragon, and all his accusations are now toothless against those of us who trust in Christ. The new exodus has happened, and God is carrying us, those who trust him, on eagles’ wings, sustaining us in the wilderness as we sojourn toward the Promised Land. Satan is making war on us, but the outcome will be as it has been throughout history. Strong as Satan may look, the seed of the woman will crush his head!

1: The enmity between the Serpent and the Seed of the Woman (1-6)


2: The cross defeats the accuser, and he is enraged (7-12)

The reasons for Satan’s rage:

  1. His sphere is now restricted
  2. He knows his time is short

How will Christians overcome Satan’s rage?

  1. “They overcome him by the blood of the Lamb”
  2. “They overcome him by the word of their testimony.”
  3. “They do not love their lives so much as to shrink from death.”


3: On the wings of an eagle (13-17)

  1. Satan’s success is limited.


*This 3- point outline is modification/amalgamation of outlines by Don Carson and James M. Hamilton.

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