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Preaching to Jews in Pisidian Antioch

January 10, 2021 Speaker: Series: Acts

Passage: Acts 13:1–13:52

1. The background/setting (1-12)

2. Paul’s sermon to the Jews of Pisidian Antioch (13-43)

The election of Israel and the election of David (17–23)
• Jesus the fulfiller of the promise to David (24–37)
• The challenge not to miss out on the salvation available through Jesus (38–43)

3. Turning to the Gentiles (44–52)


Paul’s First Missionary Journey (Acts 13:4–14:26)
46 - 47 or 47 - 48 AD

Barnabas and Paul first visited Barnabas’s home region of Cyprus before sailing to the southern region of Asia Minor. When they reached Perga in Pamphylia, John Mark left the group and returned to Jerusalem. Making their way to Antioch (in Pisidia), Iconium, Lystra, and Derbe, Paul and Barnabas were driven out of each city by jealous Jewish religious leaders. Later they returned by the same route, strengthening the new churches as they went. From Attalia they set sail for their home in Antioch of Syria.

City                 Province/Region                      Reference
Antioch                   Syria                                13:1–3
Seleucia                  Syria                                13:4
Salamis                 Cyprus                               13:5
Paphos                  Cyprus                               13:6–12
Perga            Lycia (region of Pamphylia)          13:13
Antioch        Galatia (region of Pisidia)              13:14–52
Iconium                Galatia                               14:1–6
Lystra          Galatia (region of Lycaonia)          14:6, 8–19
Derbe          Galatia (region of Lycaonia)          14:6, 20–21
Lystra          Galatia (region of Lycaonia)          14:21–23
Iconium                  Galatia                            14:21–23
Antioch        Galatia (region of Pisidia)             14:24
Perga           Lycia (region of Pamphylia)           14:24–25
Attalia                      Lycia                              14:25
Antioch                    Syria                               14:26–282