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I Have Many People In This City

February 14, 2021 Speaker: John Bell Series: Acts

Passage: Acts 18:1–18:28

  1. Planting in Corinth (18:1–18a)
  • From Athens, Paul moves on to Corinth, where he spends 18 months, the longest in any church except for Ephesus, where he stayed about three years. As major cities in the empire, Corinth and Ephesus become the missionaries’ bases of operation to evangelize the surrounding regions.


  1. Paul returns to Antioch (18:18b–22)
  • Paul’s return to Antioch marks the end of what is called his “second missionary journey” (15:36–18:22), centered on northern Greece (Macedonia) and southern Greece (Achaia). It also transitions to his third missionary journey since his brief visit to Ephesus becomes the prelude to his three-year ministry there.


  1. Priscilla, Aquila, and Apollos (18:23–28)
  • While Paul is returning from his second missionary journey and beginning his third, Luke adds story about Apollos, a powerful speaker and Hellenistic-Jewish Christian from Alexandria, Egypt, whom Priscilla and Aquila further instruct.