This Sunday, June 11th our service will be held at 10am at Mt. Pleasant Rd. Baptist Church (527 Mt. Pleasant Rd.)

There is no service at 918 Bathurst.


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King Jesus Comes to Jerusalem to Die for the World

March 28, 2021 Speaker: Series: Easter

Passage: John 12:12–33

  1. King Jesus comes to Jerusalem (12–19)
  • “Jesus was on his way to Jerusalem”
  • “Jesus found a young donkey”
  • “Blessed is the king of Israel!”
  • “Look how the whole world has gone after him!”


  1. King Jesus predicts the “hour” of his glorification - that is, the appointed time for his death, resurrection, and exaltation (20-30)


  1. King Jesus’ death/glorification will achieve four things (31-33)
  • It will pass judgment on the world.
  • It will ‘drive out’ the prince of this world – the devil.
  • It will exalt him.
  • By it, Jesus will draw all people to himself